Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We understand it’s difficult to remember details when a collision occurs so we have assembled some important tips to help you get through the initial moments after your accident:

  • – Check for injuries with any persons involved in the collision. Do NOT administer first aid unless you are fully qualified to do so.
    – If your vehicle is operational, move it to the roadside so it is not obstructing traffic. Turn off the ignition once it is parked.
    – Call the police, even if the damage seems minor.
  • – Exchange contact and insurance information with other drivers involved in your accident.
  • – Make notes about the accident to the best of your ability, describing how it happened, where each person was seated, etc.
    – Call trusted tow service.
  • – Write down the police incident number.
  • – Notify your insurance company.
  • – Do NOT admit fault, offer to pay damages or deny injuries when talking to other parties involved.
  • – Don’t let the stress of a collision wear you down. Your expert autobody repair technicians at Akshar Autobody Shop, Edmonton, Leduc and area are here to help.


A car accident is a very unnerving experience for even the most seasoned Edmonton driver. Emotions run high and seeing damage to your vehicle significantly adds to the stress of the incident. Once you have made sure there are no injuries involved, Akshar Autobody is here to help.

Tow-in Procedure
If your collision occurs during business hours, call your Akshar Autobody repair team at +780.980.2666. We can help you through the towing procedure. If your collision happens after business hours, the following steps will get you started in the process:

Contact a towing company you trust.

  • – While waiting on the truck, remove all of your personal items from your vehicle. Be sure you remove essential items such as keys, chargers and any items of value.
  • – You will be given a police sticker; make sure the sticker is in your vehicle.
  • – Give a set of your vehicle keys to the tow truck driver.
  • – Call Akshar Autobody Shop or contact us with your name, number, make and model of your vehicle, your plate number, insurance information and the name of the yard your vehicle was towed to.
  • – Your Akshar Autobody Repair Shop team in Leduc and Edmonton is committed to helping you get through the stressful ordeal of a collision with car rental arrangement, dealing with the insurance company and delivering your vehicle back to you in pristine and safe condition.

Do we deal with insurance company directly?

Of course! Yes we deal with most insurance companies directly. Please call Akshar Autobody Repair shop Leduc, Edmonton area on 780.980.2666 for more details.