About Askhar Auto Repair Services

Our Services

Collision Repair

As one of the leading collision repair shops, we deliver first class service, quality materials and superior workmanship with great satisfaction to every job.

Your safety and satisfaction are at the forefront of all the work we do to restore your vehicle to its original condition.

Dent Repair

Scratches and dents on vehicle lower its value, ruin its good looks and can lead to costly repair work if the metal is exposed to the harsh elements we face with Edmonton weather. Your scratch and dent  can restore your vehicle’s good looks faster and cheaper than you may think!

Paint or Repair

Your vehicle is a large investment and scratches, chipped paint or even minor accident damage detract not only from your vehicle’s looks but also its value. We do flawless touch-ups that perfectly match the rest of your vehicle to complete car painting with great quality result.


Once you have recovered from the initial shock of a car accident, you are faced with the realization that your vehicle has been damaged and you need expert help to get it fixed. Akshar Autobody Shop is your trusted Edmonton resource for collision repair that is done by licensed autobody professionals.

We handle everything so you have as little stress as possible. We’ll handle the dealings with your insurance company, help with your car rental and restore your vehicle to its original showroom condition.

Safe and Professional Repair After a Accident

From the most minor dent to a major repair involving a bent frame, you need to know your collision repair will be safe and professional. When you leave our shop to drive on our Edmonton, Leduc and area roads, you can rest assured that your vehicle not only looks great, but is tested and cleared of all safety concerns due to your incident.